The “perfect” liposculpture is the one custumized for your body and desire. Liposculpture, also known as lipoplasty, liposucción. Lipo is the most frequently requested procedure particularly from the abdomen and hip región. This is one of the safest procedures nowadays without recovery time and post op care. You can see inmediate results and as weeks go by you can start looking at your end result. Our technique allows for excess skin to retract being able to avoid cutting excess skin in many cases.

Lipo per Area

Designed for the patient that only requires a small área and not the whole body, such as fat located in arms, neck ,cheecks, love handles, waist, inner thigh, outter thigh. Lipo per área can be performed with local anesthesia with zero down time.

Complete liposculpture

This procedure is suggested for patients that tend to accumulate in many áreas of the body and want to get rid of that fat and be shaped at the same time.

Face or double chin lipo

Fat removal specially from the lower half of the face can be performed on an “in and out” basis.


This is a fat pad that is address from inside the mouth in order to provide a more refined in the face look.

Fat Transfer

With the fat that we remove,if requested, we are able to provide volume and shape for any desire área of the body such as buttocks, breast, calf, face(as filler), hands, feet.