Primary care

Another one of our services includes an evaluation of your medical condition, weather it is your first time, you are a subsecuent patient or if you are looking for second opinion at an affordable cost, we will provide a diagnostic evaluation with all the tests needed to resolve your health problem.


The purpose of this treatment is to prevent a heart attack, embolism or as post op care after heart surgery. An intravenous treatment that is used for cleansing the accumulation of fat in the arteries and the removal of heavy metals that make us sick like; lead, copper, iron, mercury and other toxins from the blood stream. EDTA can be combined with other medications and vitamins (all of them FDA approved) for chronic illnesses, fatigue, joint problems, etc. The amount of treatments depends on the condition(s) to be treated. We design the treatment specially for your needs and blood work results and it is not a pre-set formula.

Lipoma removal

A lipoma is fat tissue different of the rest of the body that usually generates a lump under the skin. This lumps usually are hard they tend to grow overtime and they can appear anywhere in the body including the head and they are painless. A well planned removal is performed after ultrasound under local anesthesia. If they are not removed the risk of cancer could increase.

Scar removal

Scars can be originated by accidents, surgeries and others, scar removal can be performed in old and new scars with one of the three available options or a combination of them. Scars tend to be different in shape, size, etc. hence the different treatment options. Usually performed under local anesthesia or you may be a candidate for an injectable scar removal treatment.

Weight loss management

Weight loss treatment is available with a combination of different subjects such as: appetite suppressant medication, anxiety medications, diet and weight management with a combination of diet medications, mesotherapy (fat burning injections), oral fat burners, metabolic enhancers. We also offer the intragastric balloon with a minimum sedation (surgery room) performed in just 30 minutes and used when you are beginning to be overweight by 30% (body mass index).

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism refers to people seeking a solution to their medical needs by traveling from abroad to obtain medical treatments. For us this usually means patients who traveled from USA, Canada to Tijuana-Mexico for the same high quality aesthetic and other medical services at a fraction of the cost. We make sure you have a complete schedule, travel arrangements and the medical plan ready before you arrive with us. A patient coordinator will be assigned to you.