Aesthetic medicine involves a series of techniques design to improve your beauty without the need of any invasive procedures with amazing natural results, all of this techniques are available to you with more that 19 years of experience and at a lower cost than surgery. A full evaluation is needed to create a youthfull looking face, once the right approach to use is decided.

Injectable Filler

Filler is a hyaluronic acid product that can be injected in the soft tissue to treat all wrinkless in the facial área and also to augment cheeks and lips or to treat acné or accident scars. It is not allergenic, doesnt require previous testing and are eventually absorbed by the body.


Botox or botulinum toxin is a substance that can be injected in certain muscles of the face to avoid the onset of wrinkles or to remove certain wrinkles in the forhead, frown and crows feet áreas.

Chemical peels

It is an acid that is applied on the surface of the skin to promote a peel, that technique is use to improve and smooth the texture of the skin.

Face and Body Thread lifts

This non-surgical facelift improves your appearance inmidiately. It is performed under local anesthesia and it is an in and out procedure that requires no down time.

Vampire facelift

Your own Blood is drawn by our chemist and it is put thru the protocol for stracting the platelet rich plasma that contains the stem cells that will be reaplied to your face providing the skin Rejuvenation that will give the glow and youthfull look that you are looking for.

Nose improvement

With injectable fillers or threads we can avoid a nose surgery and at the same time provide the correction you always wanted with out the need of a surgery room and only local anesthesia. Nose correction under one hour.

Varicose vein injections

A German substance is injected that will clear those varicose veins on your legs. This substance is permanent, non painful and safe, it has been around for several years and we have done a good enough number of patients to know that this is the best science has to offer.

Warth and mole removal

Using a hifrecator machine electricity is delivered to the región previous local anesthesia. Can be performed on any area of the body and face with out the risk of scars and no after pain with a permanent result. Remember a changing mole can become skin cáncer.

Dark spots removal

We provide 5 different options to get rid of coloration on your skin as sometimes one option is not enough for everyone. Usually patients have tried in different ways to rid themselfs of this elusive condition, that is why we make use of thechnology and newest products and offer it to you.